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Locali is a multifunctional luxury fashion label for women. Our story began in 2019 originally launching through niche-boutique stores around the globe. As we grew more attention we stayed loyal to our brand pillars: women empowerment, trendiness, quality, and luxury.

With global influences from New York to Paris to Madrid, we offer an array of premium products worldwide which have been featured in top publications. We are offering a variety of limited edition collections that include a selective amount of items worldwide. Our collections range from our own in-house label to a curated selection of tailored-made apparel and accessories. While our collections adapt from season to season our core values stay constant. Our collections are created with top acclaimed authority on fabric, fit, and fabrication. Resulting in an integral brand that embraces the here and now in a sophisticated and revolutionary way. 

Our design studio sketches, draws and crafts unique hand-made prints and embroideries. Every design detail is carefully considered to let the quality and fit of the garment take center stage. Our innovative cuts are wardrobe essentials custom fitted to women’s body measurements.

When it comes to cotton quality, it’s actually quite straightforward. The longer the cotton staple, the higher the quality, simple as that. Our cotton fibers create a fabric that has an incredibly soft handfeel that will only become softer through the whole lifetime of the garment. It also forms a stronger fabric that resists twisting and warping in wash resulting in clothes that keep their shape even after multiple washes. Our clothes are the softest, most durable and straight up best looking essentials out there, made from the highest quality materials in the world.

Mass production leads to over-production, extreme waste, and an unethical use of labor. We do not mass produce. We offer ethically made, limited edition collections that include a very selective amount of items, exclusively manufactured with the highest standards throughout Europe and the Middle East. Our production partners are selected based on an exceptional level of skill, a strong focus on quality, an uncompromising dedication to good working environments, and a shared vision of improving every step of the production process, from material to finished garment.

We are here to speak the truth, and empower women. Locali's customer is a fierce woman with a strong backbone. She knows who she is, what she wants, and most importantly her worth. Nothing stands in her way of success, She lives her life with an internal confidence and she uses her fashion sense to drive her forward. A Locali woman doesn’t take no as an answer, and does not cave under the limitation of patriarchal society. Partnering with organizations that support women empowerment, we stand in solidarity with helping women feel empowered.  

Do not wear your clothing for others, rather let your own strength create your style, and allow your garments to empower you from within. Have your own voice and don’t be afraid to shout how you feel on the inside through the words on your clothes. Wear what makes you feel powerful, free, and like a true fashion icon. 


Take a peek into our world, and see for yourself what we stand for.

You are your own storyteller.

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