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Locali’s Fall 2020 Collection has been thoughtfully designed to cover all aspects of the modern-day woman. As we make this transition from summer to fall, the comfort-focused assortment features cozy and soft fabrics, while introducing new styles to the Locali timeline.

New York is one of the global “big four” fashion capitals of the 21st century and it holds an immeasurable international influence. The New York state of mind is upbeat and frenetic, the weather is colder and the schedule is saturated with pleasure and business. Therefore, the New Yorkers' fashion sense is elaborate, slick and versatile. For this collection we created a campaign that exudes New York kind of confidence and fierceness.

Locali releases this fall classical installments of 2020, featuring timeless silhouettes, as well as introducing new styles of tops, dresses, pants and scarves. Locali's signature 100% premium cotton fabric is used throughout the collection in elegant ways that perfectly embody the tone of a colder season. Locali’s staple pieces, the 100% premium cotton longsleeve LOVE GUN and TRAIN TO PARIS combining storytelling graphics along with Locali logo embroidered at back. More stylish pieces are also offered, such as the short sleeves WHATSAPP LOVE STORY and the iconic I ROLL I RULE T-Shirts with perpetual quality and coolness.