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The Truths about the Fashion Industry that You Don't Know

What really goes on behind the scenes of the brands we think we know so well, and love? By the end of this article, each and every one of us can,...

What really goes on behind the scenes of the brands we think we know so well, and love? By the end of this article, each and every one of us can, and hopefully will play a part in bettering our world one step at a time. I will first fill you in on the inside scoop of the “fast fashion” industry, and then I will leave you to decide what you would like to do with the “closet full” of information that I have left you to unfold. 

Many brands paint a pretty picture. From the customer's point of view it's a simple bargain. Why not buy clothes that replicate high end designs at a fraction of the price only a couple weeks after they have been first showcased on the runways of top designers? It’s so simple to look bougie on a budget, and seems almost too good to be true. The fact is that no one really explains how this is all possible and the truth about how this is destroying our world. 

Here are the harsh truths about the fast fashion industry that you probably don't know:

Cheap Materials

In order for the price to be much cheaper for the brands to produce, they must use inexpensive and low quality materials that don’t last very long. This is also a way that these brands increase their sales. Knowing all too well that your clothing will only last a season and that you will need to come back to repurchase new clothing every couple weeks. Don’t let these companies fool you, and remember that quality is way more important than quantity. 

Outsource Manufacturing

It is known that many companies outsource their factory operations overseas to keep costs down. However, it is uncommonly known that in some of these factories known as “Sweatshops” people work long grueling hours, for wages as low as $3 US dollars a day, barely covering their necessities. These sweatshops have awful conditions with many health risks, and workers are abused if they don’t obey the commands of their supervisors. If this doesn’t sound cruel enough, let me explain that many of these sweatshops use child labor, and force their female workers, who generally make up 85%-90% of the sweatshop workers, to take birth control and to be routinely checked for pregnancy in order to avoid paying for pregnancy leave or providing appropriate health benefits. 

Protest on Oxford Street against Sweatshops. (Twenty20)

Wasteful Mass Productions

Mass production has become the way that many industries operate to keep up with consumerism in today’s society. The fashion industry is designed to make you feel “out of trend” after one week. People are buying things for a short time with the intention to throw it away, and then assuming that their garbage magically disappears.

The fashion industry has one of the largest amounts of consumerism and therefore an equivalent amount of waste. Because synthetic clothing is made in huge quantities, and with poor quality It either gets thrown away immediately when it’s not all sold, or after a couple of washes when purchased.  All of this synthetic clothing can take from 20 years to 200 years for it to decompose, and it ends up sitting in landfills only further destroying the environment.

Each and every individual has the ability to make small changes in their purchasing choices, and truly make a difference. If you want to leave your mark on this world, now is the time. Each one of us has an incredible purchasing power, so research brands before you shop with them. Here Are a couple things to look out for in order to ensure that a brand is worth spending your money: 


On Demand and Custom Made 

Knowing that your clothing has been made for your order, not only gives you the VIP feel that your clothing is tailor made for you, but also allows you to relax knowing that mass amounts of clothing aren't going to waste if they aren't sold. It might seem like a giant splurge to pay the extra money on a T-shirt, but overtime you'll realize that you are actually saving yourself money by not going back every season to repurchase clothing, because what you are buying is made to last with both high quality and a timeless design.

Fair and Ethical

Double check that the brands you are buying from treat their workers with respect, and pay them fairly. Don’t support brands that don’t support others. Buy from brands like Eileen Fisher, Stella McCartney and Levi’s because you know that your money is going towards something ethical and sustainable. The next time you buy from a brand put yourself in the shoes of the workers, and only buy from companies that treat their workers the way you would want to be treated by an employer. 

Let’s work together to better our world, and make it last.

The choice is all yours, will you be a part of this revolution to help our planet? 

With quality and integrity,



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