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3 Iconic Women who Prove that Fashion Fades but Style is Eternal

  When you think of your “fashion icon” what persona comes to your mind? To be iconic one must be extraordinary. For one to be considered an ultimate fashion icon...


When you think of your “fashion icon” what persona comes to your mind?

To be iconic one must be extraordinary.

For one to be considered an ultimate fashion icon they must leave their mark on the fashion industry. Throughout decades, the role of women in society has drastically shifted and along with our status changing, so has our clothing. We are no longer the princess waiting at home washing dishes, or prancing around wearing corsets. The new face of a fashionable woman is a CEO, wearing her power-suit. The fashion industry wasn’t always one that promoted women dressing according to their achievements. Let me tell you a little bit about three women who helped us get to where we are today.  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg  



Ruth was one of the first women to be accepted to both Harvard Law school and the Supreme Court of the United States. She was someone who never gave up on her professional dreams because of her gender, and a woman who prided herself on her love of fashion. Throughout her career, she played a strong role in advocating for women’s rights by using strong criticism and decision making as a judge. Ruth was known for accessorizing her black judge robe with beaded necklaces, gorgeous earrings, and fishnet gloves. She perfected maintaining her chic style and femininity with her plain work attire. Ruth was an icon. She was respected in a profession of mostly men while looking insanely fabulous wearing fishnet gloves and jewelry. 


This scarf is inspired by Ruth’s class and elegance. It’s a gorgeous accessory just like the many she wore. Her fight for women’s rights allowed women to “move on” and “move up” in the ranks of society. 

Aloha Wanderwell 

 (Photo: / Adventures and Discoveries in Early Documentaries)


Aloha was a young woman, with a love for filmmaking and the arts. She was filled with passion and curiosity for the world. Aloha’s mother sent her away to a convent to tame her from her “wild ways”, and turn her into a “proper lady.” Little did she know that Aloha would become one of the most influential women of all time, and there was no need for taming. She was offered an opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world for Ford Motor Company and film all of their adventures in the new 1917 Model TS Ford. She was 16 years young:  Fearless, brave, and ready to take on this once in a lifetime journey. Aloha broke stereotypes of her generation for what it meant to be a “proper lady.” Aloha was a beautiful young woman with an androgynous style with her memorable khaki outfits and leather shoes. She shows all women that to be a true lady is to follow your dreams. through her clothes, she proves a woman can still be both feminine and beautiful, with also dreams and aspirations.  



This scarf is Inspired by Aloha’s khaki-colored safari clothing and the famous stories of her adventures from around the globe.  

Princess Diana 

(Photo: John Mathew Smith / License: Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

Princess Diana is one of the most well-known figures in the British royal family. She was married to Prince Charles and the mother of famous Princes William and Harry. Diana was most famous for her undeniable elegance, fashion sense, and her tremendous charity work. She was someone who wore her clothing as a reflection of who she was, and she took her role as a public figure seriously. She wore clothing fit for a royal instead of using fashion to show off. She was always seen looking modest and respectable in tights, pearls, and her famous short hair. She was someone who had a gentle fierceness about her that will forever be remembered through the memorable fashion trends she has inspired. 



This scarf is inspired by Diana’s classy style and her famous love for pearls. It has a simple elegance while also being a huge statement piece, just like Princess Diana’s spirit. 


Style is Eternal 


Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Aloha Wanderwell, and Princess Diana are true fashion icons. Each woman used her strong sense of self to defy stereotypes and pursue their dreams. Each one of them left behind an undeniable legacy in the world of fashion. Each with her own twist used fashion as both an artistic outlet, and as a tool to show who they were from within.  They all never compromised on dressing true to themselves, and according to their passions. 


So Ladies, 
Don’t wear your clothing for others, rather let your own strong will create your style, and allow your garments to empower you from within. Dress for success, and don’t be afraid to shout how you feel on the inside through the words on your clothes. Wear what makes you feel powerful, free, and like a true fashion icon.

I roll, and I rule. Do you? 



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